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What is motif sequence?

Motif sequences are patterns found in biological sequences (DNA sequences, Protein sequences) that are vital for understanding gene function, human disease, drug design, etc. They are helpful in finding transcriptional regulatory elements, transcription factor binding sites, and so on. However, to find motif sequences is a very challenging task. More information about motif sequences can be found at wiki page motif sequences.

About our online motif search tools

Our online motif search tools will help you detect new unknown motif sequences that may be present in your input sequences. Our tools include two features: finding de-novo DNA motif sequences and finding de-novo protein motif sequences. Our online tools are absolutely free!

How to use our online motif search tools?

It's very simple. You can easily copy and paste your data into the form either at DNA sequences or at protein sequences, depending on whether your data is DNA sequences or protein sequences, and choose appropriate parameters, then submit. Your data must be in FASTA format. Examples of FASTA format can be found at DNA sequences in FASTA format or at protein sequences in FASTA format. Your data will be processed and you can view the result as soon as it is available. You will find our tools display the result visually. If the result is not available yet, click the "Refresh" button to view the most updated status of your submission. You can bookmark the result link, close your web browser, and open the result link to check it back later. Your email will be kept confidential.

The processing time of your submission varies from few minutes to few hours, depends on your data and the parameters you choose. If it seems to take few hours and you don't want to wait for the result to appear on your web brower, let us know your contact email and now you can close your web browser. We will send you a notification email as soon as the result is available. The notification email will include the link to the result. Open the email and click on the link, you will see the result.

How do our online motif search tools work?

Our online motif search tools are built on state-of-the-art algorithms (algorithm qPMS7) for the most well-known motif search model - The Planted Motif Search (PMS). The PMS Model precisely captures the nature of motifs and usually gives the most accurate results.

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