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Finding de-novo protein motif sequences

This tool will help you detect new unknown protein motifs that may be present in your input sequences.

Information about your data
  • Please enter your protein sequences in FASTA format *(required).
    The number of sequences must be between 5 and 5000. The length of each sequence must be between 15 and 1000 protein letters. Click here for an example. If your data is DNA sequences, please submit to the DNA motif form at Finding de-novo DNA motif sequences. If your data is protein sequneses, you can easily copy and paste your data into the following text box.

  • The percentage of protein sequences containing motifs *(required):

  • Please let us know about the form of motifs *(required):
    • The length of the box (motif length):

    • The length of the first box:
    • The length of the gap between the two boxes:
    • The length of the second box:

  • Description of your protein sequences (optional):
Computational preferences
  • Would you like Quick Search or Full Search?
    Quick Search. With this option, it will take about 10 minutes but you may miss some motifs.
    Full Search. With this option, it can take up to about 4 hours but you will find most of motifs.

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